• Tips for Comment on other blogs

    December 16, 2009 - Posted by Saran

    People started blogging as a hobby but for many it has become a profession now. There are millions of bloggers worldwide and each one also comments on other blogs. If you do not know how to comment on a blog, then you might lose your reputation at times. So it’s better to know how to comment on the blog.  In three simple steps you can leave a comment for your blog which are filling the comment, leaving your name and then you need to press submit and you are done. You can do effective commenting through the following ways

    1. Write a comment which is meaning ful.
    2. Your comment should show the author that you really hear them
    3. Cast a vote on the importance of their topic
    4. If you own a blog share something about yourself when you comment
    5. You may use  a comment tracking service
    6. Create a tag cloud
    7. You should not be afraid to comment.
    8. If you want to criticize, do it kindly

    You can add your personal image or brand image when you comment. Instead of giving 2 liner insight like ‘nice work” or “good job”, tell clearly what you like of the post.

    As commenting has now become a part of global conversation, when you give meaningful comments you are actually discussing your common concerns and coming up with common solutions. Don’t have the opinion that when you give a comment you are giving away your secrets. Don’t let secrets die within you, so comment and let it be left behind as a legacy.

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