• Search Engine Reputation Management

    The growth of search engine reputation management is given by online now-a-days. It had become important as the information spreads in a fast manner on Internet, monitoring search results for your brand, trademark and the product.

    New reputations can be destroyed by the single entry in protest sites when searches for the company’s name and company’s key executives. Kind complaints or some of the old entries can hurt your image in many cases and the brand can also affect the user’s decision to purchase.

    Search Engine Reputation = Sales

    Assert or complaint web sites are most probably taken as unfounded complaints, still they are credited more enough to change a decision on a purchase for your prospect. In most cases, the site owners won’t talk. More importantly, most popular industry sites, review sites, etc. run moderated forums and discussion boards where the unhappy customers can post their complaints. These postings tend to achieve top rankings because most search engines tend to index these sites more frequently considering the daily updates happening. As a result, one of these entries might show up around your own entry when somebody searches for your brand or company name or even it might show up for really generic searches where you are not showing up.

    The offending entries cannot be removed. This Search Engine Reputation Management is very simple, and therefore, the rankings can be done with their favorable ones. This will be done by choosing the pages from your own web site, press releases, microsites, partner web sites and also the contents about your business from other popular sites.

    The Reactive Search Engine Reputation Management is taken care because it is the key to monitor your reputation. We call this as Proactive Search Engine Reputation Management. By having close monitoring of searches and rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN for catching the entries at the starting stage it can be displayed before the target audience notices.

    Press Releases, Articles and Blogs is the content which involves SEO primarily for continuous and making your rank.

    Saran R will make sure your brand, company and key executives that are given by the search engines. You can contact us in online and we will get back to you within 24 hours.