• How to Optimize Search Engines friendly URL in wordpress blog?

    May 19, 2009 - Posted by Saran

    There are some important things to optimize wordpress blog for search engines, here I am going to tell you about another wordpress optimizing tip which helps you to make friendly URL in your wordpress blog for search engine.

    By default wordpress assigns the exact title of the blog post as your Post URL, this means, if you have a blog post titled as “How to optimized Search Engine friendly URL in wordpress blog?”, your blog post URL looks something like this “http://yourwordpressblog.com/How-to-optimized-Search-Engine-friendly-URL-in-wordpress-blog”, don’t you think it’s irritating?,

    “what’s a problem with long URL? and why Don’t I use Long URL for Blog post?”, if you are the person asking me these questions, here is the answer for you,

    “Long URLs are not search engine friendly”.

    Make your URLs Short and search engine optimized:

    Here is the way:

    First understand that all single words are considered as Keywords which are found in your post URL. So make your URL with important keywords only,

    for Example:

    if you have post URL like: http://wordpressblog.com/How-to-make-friendly-URL-in-wordpress-blog-for-Search-Engines your URL contains 11 keywords, this type of URLs are reducing the value of important keywords like “Friendly, URL, WordPress, blog, Search, and Engine. so re-write your URL as “http://wordpressblog.com/Wordpress-blog-Friendly-URL-Search-Engine”.

    if Your post do not have well optimized search engine link, it will surely affect search engine ranking of your post because of reducing the value of main keywords

    Now, I guess you are very clear about why long URLs are bad…

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