• How to Install Google chrome extensions

    December 16, 2009 - Posted by Saran

    At last the time has come for Google to bring back all the webmasters to use Google chrome. It was because of the extension library many of the webmasters stuck to Firefox. The downfall of internet explorer added to the advantage of Firefox leading the rest when it came to browsers. The Firefox browser offers the browsers with great extensions which they can use for the convenience in browsing. Now the new Google chrome has all those extensions that fire fox had and this increases the market share of Google by the year 2010.

    This new version of Google chrome is very much interesting with all the new extensions and add-ons and to use this you should first download the Google chrome application and then install from their website. If you are using the older version of chrome then it’s not possible to install the extensions and for using the extensions you have to upgrade your Google chrome by installing the beta version because this is the version that supports the new extension library and the add-ons available for the Google browser.

    Installing the extensions is very easy and whenever you visit the page containing the complete detail of the extension, you will find an install button. Once you decide to download the extension you can click on the download button and you will be asked for confirmation for the installation of the extension in your browser.

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