• How to Increase Google Page Rank? Here goes 5 simple steps

    November 28, 2009 - Posted by Saran

    Back links are the ones that have more influence on your google page rank. Links that connect to your website from other sites are called as Back links. Back Links are directly proportionate to your page rank. The more back links you provide, the more increase in page rank is prominent.

    The following ways help you to create back links for your site effectively:

    1. Create Ezines or Ezine ads-

    Ezines is a form of online newsletters.Ezines is used to share news, updates, and website promotions. These are of great help to keep in touch with the visitors by making use of your signatures and giving out offers. This method is increases your web presence.

    Web Presence is reaching out people as far as possible through all means and trying to popularize your site to gain as many visitors as you can. This may also make the visitors come back to your site again and again and probably you may become one of the leads in the market.

    You can give in your site to an Ezine Directory which is again a source of Back Link. Ezine Directories serves you as a source of providing free links.

    2. Join Forums:

    Search out for forums that are likely to be related to your website. Join in such forums and this is one of the best ways to reach out to people and get links to your website. Put in your website link as your signature there.

    By joining in forums which are likely to be related to your kind of websites, helps you to catch up to ways to succeed. One is that, it serves as a method of advertising for your site. Secondly you will also increase your Web Presence (as quoted in the previous step).

    3. Obtain Links from other sites:

    This task seems to be quite time consuming and as effective one as the others seem to be. Find websites related to your business through search engines, say Google.

    After finding such websites, try to contact those web-owners somehow and pursue them to get your link posted on their website. This part seems to be quite difficult as the owners generally ignore such requests from other sites or may fix a high price for displaying your link on their site.

    It is also to be noted that while creating such link partners, the page rank of those websites is not the matter of consideration. Google does not count upon the rank of the back linked pages, rather it just looks for how many back links you have.

    4. Submit to Search Engine Directories:

    This again serves as a beneficial way. Nowadays most of the search engines allow the users to submit their sites for free. Submit in as man search engines as you can. This is an effective way of building web presence and back links. This may also lead you to submit in popular search engine like Google.

    5. Writing and Publishing Articles:

    This method seems to be the easiest source getting traffic for your site. You can submit your articles in article submission directories by including your signature in it.

    Your signature should generally be in a small paragraph form of about 3-4 lines at least. The first and the last line would be the title of your business and the link to your website respectively. And the middle lines would describe the site in such a way to draw the visitor’s attention.

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