• Great Social Bookmarking plugins for WordPress Blog

    May 30, 2009 - Posted by Saran

    When ever you write post in your blog you always want to share it with others, you like even your blog readers want to do the same, there are lots of wordpress plugins available for giving ability to your blog readers to bookmark your site in many social networking and bookmarking sites.

    I collected a list of wordpress plugins that will let you make your wordpress blog more social, just choose one which you like the most or think is the best.

    Share This

    This is very widely used plugin

    PingPress FM

    this Plugins helps to submit your post Ping.fm, which can update more than 30 Social network from one source.

    I Love Social Bookmarking

    very simple wordpress plugin

    Social Bookmarks

    This plugin gives you more than 50 bookmarking submission icon to choose from including all of the major bookmarking services

    Social Dropdown

    This plugin displays several social bookmarking options in a dropdown.


    Wp Punchcard

    WP PunchCard is a WordPress plugin for installing PunchCard into WordPress with extreme simplicity.

    Follow ME

    The Follow Me widget allows you to display links to all your social media profiles in one, easy-to-access button or window.

    Digg This

    Digg this wordpress plugin is a plugin that detects incoming links from Digg.com to your wordpress post and automatically display a link back to the digg post, for people to digg your story.

    Digg Digg

    Digg Digg is a social vote button wordpress plugin, which including Digg, Reddit, Dzone and Yahoo Buzz buttons wordpress content integration.

    Stumble Reviews

    Allows you to add the reviews that appear on StumbleUpon (StumbleUpon reviews) for a given page to be displayed on that page.

    Hey Social

    Hey Social is the coolest way to interact with the visitors of your blog

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