• Google chrome the next generation browser

    December 16, 2009 - Posted by Saran

    Browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, sapphire were the famous browsers in the past and internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox were the most used worldwide. Today there is no other browser which performs with the features that Mozilla Firefox has, this is the fastest among the other browsers and slowing down of the internet has helped Mozilla Firefox to raise to the number one spot among the browsers available today.
    Today Google has come up with their own browser called the Google chrome, it’s really great news for those people who love Google and this browser called chrome is the fastest among the other browsers available over the internet today. The only difference that made fire fox superior than Google chrome is the Extension gallery. But now Google has come up with its new custom made extension library which you can use for browsing along with your favorite extensions. Google chrome has come up with some of the best extensions such as the Xmarks bookmark synchronizer which is quiet interesting to use and you can also browse through the chrome extension library, choose and install extensions that you want.

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