• Get Idea

    Now we move on to discuss about the model and contents of your webpage.

    For that we give you the following tips:

    Before you start your website, you have to think about your website’s main theme(what your website is going to say to its viewers), if you finalize that, next you must visit your competitor’s web sites related in this pay per click programs.

    Invest some time in surfing to find some sites, which you like and think why you like these websites, you will get great ideas to make your website attractive.

    Start a small website which is easy to refine later, Define your goals. Create something quick.

    Decide who is your target web reader?

    There are many options to decide, for example: Employees, Couples, Customers, Men, Women, etc. If men, what kind of men, Men who play sports, Men who listen to a certain type of music, Married men, or etc. Focus your first site on one target.

    If you have already gone through our previous pages, by now you would have learnt about the creation of your own website. Now the biggest question arising in you will be “how to earn through this website?” Our following suggestions will provide a solution to all your queries.

    Though you have countless ways for earning online, only certain areas provide you with a steady and speedy way of income. way to earn from pay per click


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