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    May 11, 2009 - Posted by Saran


    Are you a person using gtalk?, if your answer is “Yes” I am going to tell you some great unknown features in gtalk. hope you have already seen my post  “Listen Live Online Radio using Google Talk“.


    Add Service@gtalk2voip.com in your Gtalk of Gmail account, once you add it type “HELP” in your chat area, you get this below listed message from them:



    Welcome to GTalk2VoIP – Free Voice Gateway for Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and iChat Type ‘HELP’ for more information

    You entered: help

    *====== AVAILABLE COMMANDS ======*

    HELP – Display this message.

    MYPAGE – Display URL to your personal account page.

    WEBCALL – Display URL to your personal Web Call.

    DICT word – Make a request to DICT.ORG for word definitions.

    MSG to text – Send off-line message text to user to .

    IM to text – Send Instant Message text to user to . Example: IM msn:billgates@hotmail.com Hello Billy!

    VMLIST – Display content of your voice mail box.

    VMPLAY id – Play voice mail message number id .

    VMDEL id – Delete voice mail message number id

    VMSEND user – Send voice mail to other gtalk user .

    VMSET id – Set id as a default welcome message.

    CONF – Create conference room for you. Room cookie will be sent back.

    JOIN cookie – Join someone’s else conference room using cookie .

    COST phone – Display amount of credits charged for 1min unit while calling to phone . Example, to figure price for calling american 800 services type: COST  


    CREDITS – Go buy more credits.

    CALL phone [via] – Make an outgoing voice call to telephone number phone which is represented in E.164 format. Example, to call Google type: CALL 1-650-253-0000 . You can also setup a registered service provider name in optional via parameter to place call throu.

    CALL sipuser@sipprovider.com – Make an outgoing voice call to SIP phone sipuser@sipprovider.com . Example: CALL pbx@stalker.com .

    DTMF_TONES : Type in any string of digits or Asterisk or # sign while talking to send DTMF tones.

    SMS phone_number text – Send text an SMS message to phone . Example: SMS +1-234-5678901 Hello, just testing

    *============== END =============*


    type your needed service code in chat area and Enjoy with great services of Gtalk voip.

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