• Create a Website

    We are now here to discuss about the procedure to create your own website. Before creating a website, one should have a clear idea of what their website is going to be based upon? We will give details about the contents of the website later. Now let us discuss the steps involved in the creation of a website.

    You would have already come to know that creating a website involves certain amount of money to be invested. But this temporary expenditure can be earned back very soon through your ads. Now go through the easiest guidance which is provided to you free of cost.

     Nowadays many leading websites are providing free space for people to create their own websites. Let us learn about one among them.

     If you are a person who have already used internet, you will know Google for sure. Google through its website called Blogspot is lending a helping hand for people to create their own websites.

     Basically, for creating a website through Blogspot, you need to hold a gmail account. To create a gmail account you may visit www.gmail.com. If you are already a gmail account holder, then visit www.blogspot.com. There, in the login page, sign in by giving your username and password. While you sign in, you will land up in a page called ‘sign in for blogger’. In the display name box, type your display name and then click the accept button below. Give your Blog title here and below that you have to select the name of your website. The name you have selected for your website will contain .blogspot.com as its suffix. Example: if the name you have selected for your website is ‘test’, then the name of your website is ‘test.blogspot.com’.

     After that you will reach the template page, where you will find many pre-defined templates. Select one among them and continue. A message saying ‘your blog has been created’ will be displayed. So you have successfully created your website. Continuing with that, by ‘start bloging’, you can continuously register your posts. Each and every post of yours will be created as a page in your website. Now you have learnt the simple and easy way of creating a website.

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