• How to Write Blog Posts in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu & Kannada

    May 23, 2009 - Posted by Saran

    Do you want to write your blog post in Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, or Telugu?, then here is the way to make it with WordPress plugin which helps you to post in your language, some people are using external tools for writing post in these languages, they will be happy to hear this.

    I downloaded Indian Language writer plug-in, after activating the Tamil Writer wordpress plugin, I have an option to select Language under the write post section, we can select either our local language or english.

    There is another option to show keyboard to help us to type our local language letter by using English computer keyboard,

    How do I install the plug-in?
    Like most WordPress plug-in, installation is easy:

    * Download plug-in and extract it on your computer. Now upload this plug-in in your WordPress blog plug-in directory. (i.e. your_blog_rootwp-contentplugins) so plug-in filepath will become “wp-content/plugins/LANGUAGEWriter/LANGUAGEWriter.php” where LANGUAGE is the plug-in language.

    * Activate the plug-in in your WordPress admin panel.

    if you don’t want to install this plugin in your wordpress blog, you can also use their website to type your post content in your language.
    Hope you enjoy this post, Do you know any other plugins like this?

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    1. Bill Bartmann says:

      Great site…keep up the good work.


    2. Saran R says:

      Thanks Osira,


    3. Shalini says:

      I need this in textbox also, not only in textarea field..


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