• Which is best topic to blog about, how to find?

    January 12, 2010 - Posted by Saran

    Blogging has become the most common tool for internet marketing. Bloggers are increasing day by day and internet is stuffed with almost all topics and each topic is written by more than thousands of bloggers. If you are planning to start a blog and wondering what topic you have to talk about, then I am here to help you. Just follow the following tips and start blogging right away.

    1. Go to the news site and find which ever topic interests you. You can also blog on the local news subjects like local crime and even political issues.
    2. If you are planning to start on a national or an international topic, then you need to do in depth research and find out the details about the topic.
    3. It’s always better to use your own words than copying in order to avoid any legal issues. If you are planning to write any local information, then you can make it interesting or you can make it funny. The hot topics now is Politics and more of politics,
    4. You can also check out in You tube which is one of the best places where you can know what people are interested in. More of viewed video sections give a fair idea of what people like.
    5. You can embed a funny video on your page and you can give your opinion on it.
    6. If you know how to video embed it, you can also write about it
    7. You can chat with people to know their interests and you can write about it.

    is there any other way do you know, please let me know….

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